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the beginning of the end [28 Nov 2008|06:53pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

I love dead can dance.

"I don't believe you anymore"

It's bringing to me tears.

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B( o )SS B!tch [23 Jun 2008|09:48am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

My girlfriend's upset. I'm not sure what made her this way. She had a bunch of panic attacks on Saturday. She hasn't been the same since. I dunno what I'm suppose to do about that.

We went to Ulana's on Saturday night to see John. I miss him terribly. People I use to know where there. People with piss poor attutides that think they're so much better than me.

Let me lay it down for you, I am happy. Which is something that most people won't ever be. I have some plans & goals for the future. I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to say that I won't be dressing up like I'm a 20 something when I'm 40+. I'm not going to tell people that their lives are less important. Darling if only you knew that my life is focused on what I want & a lot less what the fucking catty, craptastic people at the goth club thing. An old goth club, where goths go to die. They're already dead. With their failed marriages & sorry excuse for love. None of you apart from John are my friends. I think we're all worthless skin. Still insecure about putting on weight & losing you hair, you spend all this time on your look that you've lost your personality along the way.


I have so much I need to do before the gym today. I'm exhausted already.


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Car Number 7 [16 Oct 2007|09:20am]
[ mood | awake ]

So, I got into yet another car accident which is going to fuck up moving I think. Oh yea, that's right... Remember Stephanie? We got an apartment. Anyhow, the deal with this car accident really sucks balls because I knew I needed a new car soon but, I didn't think I had to go looking for one right away. I'm so far in debt since "Dayna's world tour 2007" that I thought I could get everything together if I didn't get a new car.

I just have to push myself to get the money I need to get my bills down & everything. I have three weeks, hopefully I can do it in 3 weeks. I don't know. Money is always plauging me. It sucks.

In other news, well, there is no other news.


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mind the gap [18 Aug 2007|03:57pm]
[ mood | blah ]

John loves .... na.... chickens! yea this is my only happy post... niggaz....

5th & christian go there it's nigga junction, what's your function?

yea... riiiiiiiiiggggghtttt -

don't ask. John's actually here, well it's his house. byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

btw i'm stealing notebooks & internet! holla

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People say that we lost it so I'm going to bring it back. [20 May 2007|07:50pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I have no remorse for the things I do, or did to other people. It's like that tool song "Do unto others what has been done to you".

I lost myself in the last few years & sometimes I know don't know who I am.

I'm not depressed, in fact I'm not really anything. I'm still hung over, no other is enough apparently. I've been drinking spring water for hours now.

I woke up this morning a different person. It might have been right, if only I wasn't so conceited, maybe a family is what I need. Realistically, I'd get bored with that. I realised something about myself. I'm a bit of an actress & if they play is good enough I'll stay with the theater company for a while... I don't know how to live life any other way. I can be whatever you want me to be [within reason]. It's not just hair dye & clothes, I can give you the emotions you want, I'll kiss you that way & you'll want to be with me what you understand as "forever". I'm not sure I was ever interested with the real me. She doesn't have anything I can use for any part.

Sometimes I wonder if what I wrote was honest, that it was the real me thinking & not something I've made myself believe, I don't know.

I think whats wrong with me is my two different worlds, one's reality & the other is this "theater" i've created.

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Hit'em When They Fall Down [22 Apr 2007|05:40pm]

I could've almost forgot.
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[08 Mar 2007|05:55pm]
I can't do this. I can already see myself fucking it up. I don't pull anyone else down with me.

Thank gOD for music.

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[07 Mar 2007|06:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm going to seeeee genesis 18.09.2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


details tomorrow

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[01 Mar 2007|11:47pm]
I'm sick & tired of you pseudo friends. You're gone. Goodbye.
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classes [12 Jan 2007|08:53am]
[ mood | busy ]

With the Holidays finally over; I've had to build my money empire once again. However, I decided it would be a lovely time to go back to school.

The nice surprise was the girl who was in my math class last year is in it again this year she's also in my english comp one course.

I don't think you want to know how many times I've signed up for English comp one & decided against it.

Beckey & I are using each other once again as a fail safe. Shell go if I go.

Math in general sucks. The Professor Young is not by any means really strict or anything but she just drones on like all the other math teachers. She also isn't much to look at, the same dreadfully boring bowl haircut that every math teacher I've ever had has sported, aside from Miss Gordon was just plain hot. Her sense of style just screams she was born to be a math teacher... what, with the sears XL sweaters & the straight leg black stacks, making her look like she's about to pass out due to extreme heat. She did, however have this little nervous laugh, which kind of eases her students. She's human, what a surprise. One text book = 140

My comp one teacher though, I like him a lot. He's extremely witty and very funny. I've only heard good things about him so that's why I'm talking my classes in the middle of the day. He also seems very relaxed about everything. Basically stating if I miss classes, that's on me but I better have a damn good excuse if I want to make up work. text book = 40 dollars USED.

The only time i really plan on missing classes is for SXSW in march. I'll be in Austin, Texas. The only other time I'd not be here is when I'm in London for All Tomorrow's Parties unless of course that's final week - I can't miss that. I do, however want to go... desperately.

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Lost & Found [03 Jan 2007|11:46am]
[ mood | tired ]

Something is actually going my way for once.

I found my Microsoft Office 2004 discs. I thought I had let Casey use them & I'd never see them again. Which is what I thought with my Adobe Cs which had me going around half the internet looking for something to work with mac that I didn't have to pay for. I'm in the process of downloading cs2 & I just found just plain cs on cd. & my Toast. But mark was kind enough to help me out with Toast.

Starting Class next thursday if I can figure out how much I owe & what books I need. I need to get this thing in the shop before i start. Then again, now that I've found my programs - I probably will get kicked out of the class or something, that's my luck.

Anyhow I'm going to go down for a victory nap

BTW ALY i have your ilife. I just found that too.

PS I can't believe they just asked me if I wanted to install MSN Msgnr, you gotta be kidding me, they're lucky I'm using word.


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not cut for your pleasure [31 Dec 2006|08:30am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

1. Elaborate on your default icon.
Miss Amelia Earhart led the way to be the first notable woman pilot - <333 She is truly The Pioneer in my eyes.

2. What's your current relationship status?
Ha none of that

3. Ever have a near-death experience?
a few

4. Name an obvious quality you have?
no idea

5. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Lullabye by the cure

6. Any celeb you would marry?
Jenna Jameson for the sex.

7. Who will cut and paste this first?
couldn't tell you

8. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
someone but I can't remember

9. Do you have a crush on someone?
No idea

10. Have you ever vandalized someone's private property?

11. Have you ever been in a fight?
Yea guns blazing & shit

12. Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?

13. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
that they're the opposite sex of course

14. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
van latte

15. Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose?

16. Say something totally random about yourself.
That's when my parents drove all the way to see me play the game & did I cry?


Do you know why?


because there's no crying in baseball, there's no cry!

What seems to be the problem

she's crying sir...

I didn't mean to

rule of thumb jimmy, treat everyone of these ladies as you would treat your mother

did anyone ever tell you, you look like a little penis in that hat!

you're OUT! I heard that Jimmy YOU"RE OUT

Alright! Who's next, I'm in charge.

17. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?

18. Do you wear a watch? What kind?

19. Do you have anything pierced?
no not at all who does that =)

20. Do you have any tattoos?
omg that's so un christian

21. Do you like pain?

22. Do you like to shop?

23. What was the last thing you paid for with cash?

24. What was the last thing you paid for with a credit card?
Steph's christmas gift

25. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
Steve Curtis

26. What is on your desktop background?

27. What is the background on your cell phone?

28. Do you like redheads?
always was a sucker

29. Do you know any twins?
I know 1/2 of a set of twins

30. Do you have any weird relatives?

31. What was the last movie you watched?
apt pupil

32. What was the last book you read?
Skinnydip not finished though

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[30 Dec 2006|04:56am]
[ mood | bored ]

So I went to the damn wedding. Of course, I was too underdressed. Everyone had evening gowns & what not on. I've never been to a wedding so how would have I known.

I'm watching apt pupil with Ian Mckellen right now. It's weird. I don't know how I feel about it.

I've been watching a lot nazi related movies lately. The joys of netflix. I don't know why. It's freaky.

My hair is curly still & my sinius hertz. i know I'm getting sick again.

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These are my feet. Thanks to Kevin. [22 Dec 2006|12:22am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

One more night to go.
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Al from Youthmovies & Broadway! [20 Dec 2006|08:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

What do the two have in common? NOTHING.

I'm planning a visit to broadway more than likely in March or April. Perhaps a birthday present from myself.

Also, Al English from Youthmovie blah blah blah has sent me an email:

Hey Dayna.

Hope you're doing wonderfully.

What is your address?

I'm gonna send a Youthmovie themed xmas present your way... When you're buying t-shirts what, er, size would you normally purchase. Just, y'know, out of interest :)

You should come and see us play at ATP in May by teh way. It's your perfect opportunity! We're gonna tour around it and you get accomodation at the festival: www.atpfestival.com

Bestest, Al x

Is not that exciting?

In the meantime I'm going to go play santa for Sarah & Jamie.

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[21 Sep 2006|06:49pm]
I miss Madonna's 80's dance. You know the one I'm talking about - the one where she bounces up & down with her short 80s hair all pushed up with those stupid blonde highlights & the little daggley cross earrings, the black fingerless gloves & the leather jackets...
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[14 Sep 2006|04:31pm]
I hate myspace lots right now.
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[29 Jun 2006|02:16pm]
I'm fed up, however this time it's gonna be something different..
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HELP! [29 May 2006|08:10am]
How do you get a passport?
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The No Face Syndicate [24 Apr 2006|10:07pm]
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